What Is CBD Oil for Restless Legs?

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The question of what CBD is for restless leg syndrome is a broad one. It requires a bit of explanation. The short answer is that CBD for restless leg syndrome is any CBD product one uses to help manage the condition. The best, of course, are products that have a direct impact on your legs and are applied orally.

But what is CBD for RLS, and how does it work on RLS?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the main cannabinoids in marijuana; cannabis has about 100 cannabinoids in total. For a long time, marijuana was considered harmful and categorized as a Schedule 1 restricted substance. This classification was even though only THC and a few other minor cannabinoids have mind-altering abilities.

The world’s view of marijuana has changed recently due to a better understanding of the plant and the human body. Furthermore, there have been advances in extraction technology. Better extraction technology has helped mainstream CBD because it is now possible to extract individual bio-elements separately. Thus marijuana-related products don’t have to be psychoactive.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is one of the newest discoveries in the human body. It is a part of the nervous system, making it the most widespread organ system in the body.

ECS’s primary role is to restore homeostatic balance. The body works in various parameters such as inflammation, pain, temperature, etc., outside which it can’t function optimally. Homeostatic balance may be ruined by sickness or other external factors, and there are organs dedicated to keeping the balance, and ECS is one of them.

ECS has three parts. Cannabinoid receptors, metabolizing enzymes, and cannabinoids. The body produces cannabinoids whenever there is a need to restore homeostatic stability. Once these cannabinoids have accomplished their role, metabolizing hormones destroy them, and the cycle goes on.

The body releases endocannabinoids sparingly, and it may fail to produce them when you need them. Thus, when you have a chronic condition, your body may normalize it and not find the need to release cannabinoids. Besides this, there are many conditions that the ECS can help you to manage, but they don’t fall within the ambit of homeostasis. Illnesses like Restless Legs Syndrome fall under this category – this is where CBD comes in.

Below is your answer if you are wondering, ‘what does CBD oil do to restless legs?’ 

CBD is a plant-based cannabinoid. Once you introduce it to the body, it mimics the effects of endocannabinoids by connecting with cannabinoid receptors in acting on the issue in the body. The beauty of CBD is that you can have it regulate your internal environment whenever you feel it needs to be controlled.

The connection between the ECS and the nervous system makes it possible for CBD to reduce the discomfort that causes a person to want to move their feet. So the benefits of CBD for restless leg syndrome are undeniable.

CBD oil for RLS comes in different formulations. They may be the topicals you apply on the surface of your legs. You can also use edibles, beverages, vapes, buds, or oils and tinctures to manage this condition. The products have different intake methods, but whichever method you use, CBD connects with the ECS the same way. The only difference between formulations is how long it takes for the CBD to take effect. Choosing the formulation of CBD for RLS, consider this.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work for Restless Legs?

CBD starts working against Restless Legs Syndrome the moment it connects with the ECS. The different times CBD products take to act on RLS is because some formulations take longer to deliver CBD to the ECS than others.

The following are the list of some of the products, how long they should be taken and what is the purpose of taking them. This section also answers the question of how to take CBD oil for restless legs.

  • Vapes and Buds. Vapes are CBD products made to be taken through inhalation. They are vape oils and dub. Like other CBD products, different vapes and shutters have different ingredients depending on their manufacturers and the purpose they are made for.

Buds refer to industrial hemp flower buds. They are not processed beyond drying, and you get the CBD from them by smoking them using a bong or a pipe. Vaping and smoking are the fastest methods to get CBD to act on restless legs.

Once inhaled, CBD gets into the alveoli with the air you have inhaled.  It is then dissolved in the blood and then distributed across the body, including the brain and the legs, where it acts on RLS. Inhaled CBD takes about four minutes to act on your condition.

The best CBD oil for restless legs is determined by how fast it acts. Vapes and buds are the products for you.

The only disadvantage with inhalation is that you feel the effects for a shorter period because the release of CBD into the body is unregulated. It goes all at once, and the metabolic enzymes consume it all at the same time. Inhaling CBD oil for restless legs allows for a fast but short-termed effect.

  • Tinctures and oils. CBD tinctures and oils come in small bottles, and each bottle has a dropper. You take the oil by putting a few drops on the mucous membrane under the tongue and holding it for two or three minutes. The membrane on which you put the CBD product is permeable; it takes the CBD in the oil directly to the system. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you will feel the effects of CBD on the RLS.

The action time of oils and tinctures may vary significantly from product to product, depending on the carrier oil used. MCT coconut oil is the best carrier as it allows CBD to dissolve into the body faster while other carriers such as hemp seed oil aren’t as efficient.

  • These are CBD-infused foods and beverages. They could be biscuits, gummies, roasted nuts, chocolates, etc. The first pass process is the key to understanding how long CBD takes to act when taken this way.

All supplements and medications that go through the stomach for digestion have to go through the first pass. It is the process through which the liver regulates the volumes of drugs that get into the body. Edibles have to go through digestion and this regulation before they can affect RLS. Digestion and regulation can take up to 1 hour. The beauty of edibles is that the body releases them gradually over a long time; thus, they help you reduce RLS symptoms longer. This makes edibles infused with CBD oil for RLS perfect for non-acute conditions.

  • Topicals are CBD products you apply externally; they include creams, lotions, balms, etc. A topical needs to penetrate your skin to reach the endocannabinoid system. Penetration may take a long time, and only a tiny portion of the CBD may get to act on the restless legs.

By looking at the above list, you can probably take your pick of the best CBD oil for restless legs.

CBD for Restless Legs Syndrome: How Much Should I Take?

The amount of CBD you should take for restless legs depends on your weight. Other factors include the sensitivity of your endocannabinoid system and the severity of your condition. Since these factors aren’t constant, CBD oil dosage for restless legs varies from person to person, and it may also change for the same person from time to time.

You need to increase your dosage from time to time until you feel the full effect of CBD on your condition. The baseline dosage is 0.25 mg per pound of body weight. Take this amount on the first day and record the results. Boost your intake with portions of 0.25 mg until you feel the full effect.

There is no need to worry about taking a high dosage as the body very well tolerates CBD. Daily intakes of up to 3000 mg have been recorded without adverse effects on the user.

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