What is CBD for Thyroid?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main compounds derived from the cannabis hemp plant. Before delving into why AIFORY formulated this compound to treat thyroid diseases, let’s look at the biology of the thyroid gland first.

The thyroid gland is placed at the base of the neck surrounding the front of the trachea. It produces hormones that control some body functions, for instance, the density of bones, strength of the muscles, heart health, and metabolic rate. The gland connects with the brain, developing a state of hormonal homeostasis. Also, the thyroid participates in the regulation of processes such as emotional control, body temperature, heart rate, mood, metabolism, etc.

AIFORY developed CBD for the thyroid after learning about the link between CBD and the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is a potential therapeutic target for the management of hormone production, which suggests that using cannabinoids could improve symptoms of thyroid disorders. 

CBD can support ECS in regulating processes generally controlled by the thyroid gland. This reduces symptoms commonly linked to thyroid disorders, such as pain, depression, dry skin, inflammation, and anxiety.

CBD Benefits for Thyroid

The exciting thing about using  CBD  products such as oil tinctures and pills for thyroid disease is that they can remedy symptoms of any thyroid malfunction. The types of thyroid malfunctions known today include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, and goiter.

Below are the benefits of CBD for the thyroid.

  • Elimination of distressing headaches;
  • Pain relief in the joints and muscles;
  • Restoration of the natural sleeping cycles — elimination of sleeping disorders;
  • Improved hormonal balance;
  • Restoration of the patient’s appetite;
  • Improved sexual health;
  • Improved physical and mental health;
  • Proper regulation of the cardiovascular system.

How to Use CBD for Thyroid: Types of CBD Products

If you have been wondering, “how do you use CBD for thyroid,” well, the answer is simple. On the market, you will find CBD in different forms, which include CBD oil, pills, and edibles such as gummies. These are all convenient and easy to use, particularly for first-time users. The type of product you buy will dictate how to take CBD for thyroid.

  • CBD edibles

CBD edibles are foodstuffs that contain CBD for the thyroid. The foodstuffs can be beverages, snacks, or anything that you can eat. These products are easy to use since all you have to do is to eat as you do other foods. The CBD will be passed from the body’s digestive system into the blood to its target sites.

  • Oil drops

According to researchers, CBD oil drops are another convenient method of taking CBD. The drops can be taken by placing a few drops beneath the tongue. In this region of the mouth, there are multitudes of capillaries that enable faster absorption of the CBD’s active ingredient.

  • Other oral administration methods

CBD for the thyroid can be taken through pills. What the user needs to do is take the required amount of capsules with a glass of water. This method, however, is less preferred by most people since there is no taste to enjoy.

What is the best CBD for thyroid intake?

All CBD intake methods work effectively. However, if you want a way with fast results, choose CBD oils or vapes. The results of using the oil are seen within 15-30 minutes after use, and the results can last for 4 to 6 hours. This is faster than taking chewing gum or pills. That’s right, most methods of CBD intake take long before you can begin to feel the effects.

In cases where you like to ease symptoms of thyroid disorders and improve your skin health at the same time,  you can go for CBD cream and gels. These forms may be applied to the area of the skin of your choosing. 

When shopping for CBD creams, make sure that the product is formulated to allow CBD to pass through the dermal layers of the skin into the body. 

How Much CBD to Take for Thyroid?

If you need a recommended CBD dosage specifically for thyroid disorders, you may be disappointed. According to medical professionals, the most effective dose of CBD for thyroid or any treatment is not yet known.

How much CBD should I take for thyroid?

To develop the proper dosage of CBD for the thyroid, start by taking low doses, preferably 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your body weight. Alternatively, consult your doctor to get professional advice. 

The doctor will advise on the best dosage of CBD and CBD product forms to choose from. The doctor will also help by confirming whether the product you are taking does not interfere with other medications you may be taking.

In research done in 2017, researchers agreed that humans could tolerate CBD dosages of up to 1500 mg per day. 

Wrapping Up

Human trials have not been completed to check the effectiveness of CBD for treating most diseases thoroughly. However, after acquiring knowledge of how CBD works and its benefits, you can tell that CBD is quite promising. CBD can significantly improve the symptoms of your thyroid condition.


Be aware that taking any medicine or treatment without the doctor’s approval or supervision may be hazardous to your health. Therefore, if you are thinking of trying or want to buy CBD oil, cream, or chewing gum for thyroid, it is essential to visit a doctor who will give guides on dosages and also examine if taking CBD products is possible for your health.

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