How to Consume CBD Oil? General Advice on CBD Oil Intake

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Many people follow a current tendency for a healthy lifestyle and try to change their life for the better by building healthy habits. The intake of CBD oil supplements is one of them. 

This guide aims to help you find a way through CBD oil intake and learn about the best way to take this preparation.

How to ingest CBD Oil? Ways to Consume CBD

How to ingest CBD oil? This is the first question that appears in mins of people ordering this health supplement for the first time. Unlike CBD-infused products, like gummies, creams, or capsules, which can be used only one way, the versatility of CBD oil allows ingesting it in several ways.

The first method is sublingual intake. You should put CBD oil under your tongue and keep it there for at least 30 – 60 seconds. As this time is over, you should swallow the remaining oil. Although this method is simple and doesn’t require any special skills, it may not be suitable for everybody. Why? The thing is that CBD oil, especially full-spectrum, has a very specific smell and taste. People sometimes describe it as ‘earthy’. Some users can handle them, but for some, they may become a problem. If you happen to get into the second category, you might like another way of ingesting CBD oil.

So, how to ingest CBD oil if you don’t like its taste and smell? You can try to mix it with your favourite drink, like green tea or juice. Some people add CBD oil to yoghurt or other food. Although this method helps to avoid the unpleasant smell and taste of CBD oil, it affects the potency of the supplement, reducing it.

What Is the Best Way to Take CBD Oil and Why?

Now that you have several options to choose from, you probably wonder what is the best way to take CBD oil. Judging by the recommendations of health specialists and the experience of people taking CBD oil, the best way to consume CBD oil is by putting your dose under the tongue. Let us explain why.

The area under the tongue is covered with a thin layer of the mucous membrane. Beneath it, there are many tiny blood vessels called capillaries. When you ingest CBD oil sublingually, the preparation is rapidly absorbed through the mucous membranes right into the capillaries, thus getting into the blood flow. Due to this, the effects of CBD come almost instantly. Besides, this method of taking CBD allows for preserving the potency of the preparation, making it maximum efficacious regardless of whether you take CBD for tooth pain, insomnia, or joint pain.

When consumed orally, CBD will have to travel through the gastric tract, and only then it can get into your blood. This process takes away some potency from the supplement and delays the onset of its effects for 20 – 30 minutes, which can be very challenging for a person suffering pain.

How is CBD Oil Consumed? How Often Should You Take CBD?

How is CBD oil consumed depends on the purposes you use it for. Usually, CBD in the form of oil is used to manage systemic health conditions and mental health disorders. What is the best way to take CBD oil in such cases? To achieve fast relief and improve your symptoms within the shortest time, you should take the oil sublingually. Also, to get sustainable results, you should consume the oil on the daily basis. Doctors who use CBD in their medicinal practice recommend taking it twice a day.

Getting back to the daily intake of CBD oil, it should be mentioned that the frequency of taking CBD depends on several factors:

  • The potency and the dosage of CBD oil you use. The dose of CBD per serving may range from 10 mg to 50 mg. If you keep your dosage at the bottom then ingesting it twice a day is preferred. Those who use high doses of CBD may feel significant improvements in their condition even if they take CBD once a day.
  • Your response to the supplement. Each person is unique, and your body may react to CBD oil differently than your friend’s. The metabolic rate is different in all people, so this should also be taken into account when you decide how to consume CBD and how often to do this.

Anyway, to set the most appropriate dosing regimen for CBD oil intake, consult your healthcare provider.

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