How Often Can You Take CBD Oil? Main Rules

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If you want to know the answer to the questions “How often can you take CBD oil?” or “Do I need CBD supplements?” this guide will be especially useful for you. Keep reading to learn the main properties of CBD and the reason it is so popular among consumers. Having this information at hand, you will definitely know which product works for you and how to take it properly.

While CBD keeps growing in popularity, recommendations regarding its use, benefits, dosages are still discussed between researchers. To enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD oil, you need to know how the level of its efficacy.

Scientists have studied the results of clinical trials of the use of cannabidiol to treat various diseases. Based on the analysis of the data obtained, the experts made recommendations on the daily dosage of the cannabinoid for oral administration and a list of the therapeutic effects of the substance.

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How Often Can I Take CBD Oil and How It Affects the Body?

If you want to find the answer to the question “How often can I take CBD oil?” you should clearly understand how it affects your body. Every person has a unique ED system. CB1 and CB2 receptors interact with CBD along with dozens of other cannabinoids available currently. This is why it is so important to understand the problems in your system to pick the right dose. Overall, you can take CBD oil for such conditions as:

  • different kinds of inflammation;
  • nervousness;
  • depression;
  • imbalanced stress levels;
  • seizures;
  • poor sleep;
  • poor appetite;
  • etc.

Since CBD oil isn’t a medical preparation, it will hardly be effective for serious diseases. However, it may serve as an addition to your medical treatment. Therefore, it is advisable to address your healthcare provider in severe conditions and ask: “How often should I take CBD oil?”

How Often to Take CBD Oil of Different Forms?

Cannabis constituents come with biphasic properties. This means that different doses of the same compound can produce absolutely different effects. Small doses of hemp oil are relatively stimulating, but larger dosages have the absolute opposite effect. For example, a high amount of THC can worsen nervousness and mood disorders. Fortunately, many products on AIFORY contain no more than 0.03% of THC. That is why it is so important to know the right answer to the question of “How often should you take CBD oil?”

It is difficult to determine the correct, uniform doses and answer the question “How often can you take CBD oil?” as the required dose varies greatly depending on the conditions, the severity of symptoms, and body weight. Often, the cases are as the following ones;

  • for the fight against epilepsy in children, the recommended dose is 20 mg per kg of body weight;
  • for the treatment of anxiety disorder, it is advised to take 300 mg of CBD daily (3 times a day); 
  • for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, you need to consume 15 mg of CBD per day. At this dosage, there is an increase in the concentration of high-density lipoproteins in the blood plasma, which have antiatherogenic properties; 
  • for insomnia in adults, a dose of 160 mg of CBD is suitable to increase sleep duration;
  • for glaucoma, it is worth taking 40 mg of CBD, as in this case the intraocular pressure drops;
  • 300 mg of CBD should be consumed to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease associated with conduct disorder; 
  • Children who have insomnia are advised to take 25 mg of CBD because this dosage improves sleep quality.

It is essential to figure out the difference between hemp oils and those that contain high amounts of CBD.  The former is derived from cold pressing hemp seeds and incorporates tiny amounts of both THC and CBD. The CBD-infused oil is derived from the part of the plant that grows above the ground.  The scientists extract a certain concentrate from the plant. Then the resin dissolves in the solvent, evaporates, and a concentrated extract remains. 

How Often Should You Take CBD Oil? Useful Tips

Cannabidiol dosages and duration of treatment are highly dependent on the disease. But you can use these tips of “how often can I take CBD oil” as an example.

Researchers have found that the use of CBD as an analgesic does not provide therapeutically significant results. Therefore, for pain relief, it makes sense to consume the substance only in conjunction with THC in order to eliminate the side effects of THC. In particular, in the case of simultaneous intake of two cannabinoids, the heart rate increases by a smaller amount. The likelihood of anxiety due to a high dose of THC decreases. 

Cannabidiol is considered a safe substance. The reteaches reported that CBD does not cause drug intoxication, is well-tolerated and does not provoke the development of addiction. Therefore, scientists have proposed removing the cannabinoid from the list of prohibited substances, but only those containing no more than 0.03 THC. 

Knowing the answer to “How often can you take CBD oil” can considerably affect the treatment outcome.

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