How Long Does CBD Oil Stay Good? How to Know CBD Oil Became Bad?

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The intake of CBD oil has become a trend in recent years. People take it to soothe inflammation and pain, relax, or get rid of insomnia. Whatever the reason for you to take CBD, you should learn the details about its storage and the duration of its shelf life to know for sure that the product you are using is safe and won’t do harm to you.

How long does CBD oil stay good? Well, it depends on the oil, but typically, the period oil stays good lasts for 12 – 24 months. However, even if the oil has expired, it doesn’t mean it becomes harmful or dangerous to your health. In fact, the main reason why CBD oil has an expiration date is the loss of potency of CBD present in the product. It just stops working well for the purposes you need and becomes useless.

When ordering the oil online, you have to ask the retailer what is the shelf life of CBD oil you purchase as the terms differ depending on the technologies used for CBD extraction, additives present in the product, and the storage conditions. 

How Long Is CBD Oil Good for Insomnia?

Let’s tell the truth, we all want to buy CBD oil once and use it for as long as we take the final drop. This is not a problem for people taking CBD on a daily basis but what should those who order CBD oil do so that they can use it once in a while when they can’t fall asleep because of insomnia? In such cases, people usually don’t pay attention to how long is CBD oil good for their condition; they just use it. 

Can such an attitude to the CBD oil shelf life become a reason for concern? Yes, especially if a person uses CBD after the expiration date. Over time, the oxidative processes going on in the oil (they cannot be prevented) lead to a decrease in the concentration of CBD in the product. This results in the loss of potency of the oil and the reduction of its efficacy. So before you purchase the product, find out how long does CBD oil stay good for the effective treatment of your insomnia. 

What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil? Factors Influencing Its Shelf Life

There’s no single answer to the question of what is the shelf life of CBD oil. The shelf life of hemp oil is predetermined by numerous factors; some of them have already been mentioned but let’s add some detail to this:

  • The quality of CBD is one of the decisive factors in how long it will stay good for intake. The better quality the product is, the longer it can be stored. The quality of the hemp, as well as the conditions it has been grown in also influence the shelf life of the final product.
  • The presence of additives in the product is another factor that influences how long is CBD oil good for your medical condition. Things like flavorings, colorants, and other herbal extracts that can be added to the pure CBD oil may reduce the duration of its shelf life.
  • The method of CBD extraction predetermines the potency of the oil. CO2 extraction is considered the best both for the quality of the product and its shelf life.
  • Storage conditions may both shorten or prolong the shelf life of CBD oil. To make it stay good longer, the oil should be kept away from light and heat. Minimization of CBD oil contact with the air is another thing that can help you extend its shelf life, so always keep the bottle closed tight.

How to Tell if CBD Oil Is Bad?

How to tell if CBD oil is bad? Someone will say: “Look at the expiration date on the bottle!”. But what if the label has fallen off? What if the print is too small for you to see the date? What should you do then to know if the oil hasn’t gone bad? If one can’t read the label, one does have other ways to learn if the oil can still be used.

The first one is testing the smell. If you have ever used non-flavored CBD oil, you know that it usually smells earthy, or at least the smell is nice. If the smell is unpleasant, don’t take this oil as it is most likely bad.

The second one is the consistency of the oil. If it becomes thick, it is a clear sign the expiration date of the product has already passed. The next is the color. The oil may get cloudy, especially if you keep it in a refrigerator, yet it has to get back to clear as soon as it gets warmer. If the oil stays murky, it’s spoiled.

Finally, the taste can give you a hint that the oil is bad. Although only some people like the original taste of unflavored CBD oil, still, its taste is usually pleasant. Bad oil becomes rancid and tastes awful so that you won’t get the chance to mix up the oil that can be used with the one which has already expired.

As you see, how long does CBD oil stay good for your health depends on the initial quality of the product. So when you purchase CBD oil next time, don’t compromise on its quality because this is the thing that is worth every cent you pay for the product.

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