How to Start Sell CBD from a Reputable Brand and Get Profit from the Very Beginning?

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If you have an idea for a business related to the production or distribution of CBD oil and other hemp-based products but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We will try to carefully explain what the current legal situation of CBD in Europe looks like, what steps you should take, and what conditions to meet to deal with cannabis legally. So, let’s discuss how to sell CBD products.

How to Sell CBD Online: What to Begin With? Points to Consider

In Europe, industrial hemp can be grown only for the needs of the textile, chemical, pulp and paper, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, building materials, and seed industries. Cultivation for CBD extraction, therefore, falls within this scope. However, to start growing cannabis yourself, you usually need a special permit.

If you wonder who can sell CBD, you should also know that you need to meet specific criteria to register such a business. You cannot have illegal poppy cultivation (including low-morphine), hemp (including fibrous), and coca bush. It is also unacceptable for people convicted of stealing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, new psychoactive substances, poppy milk, or poppy straw to grow cannabis.

How to Legally Sell CBD to Make the Business Successful and Profitable?

Various CBD products are available on the market, both online and in local stores. So, before you learn how to legally sell CBD, it is worth questioning what exactly you will sell. Both in stationery stores and on the Internet, you can sell the following positions:


  • CBD extracts and oils with various concentrations;
  • certified cosmetics (including soaps, ointments, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, creams);
  • dried CBD to vape;
  • foodstuff with CBD (e.g., seeds, cookies, chocolates, lollipops, chewing gums, tea, drinks);
  • CBD supplements for animals.

In addition, you can sell various accessories, such as pipes, vaporizers, bongs, tubes, tissue paper, grinders, or special containers for storing dried herbs in due conditions.

If you are worried about how to sell CBD online, we hasten to reassure you: opening an online store doesn’t have to be complicated. Of course, the first things to do are check where you can get hemp products, which suppliers are trustworthy, and how sales are arranged. 

Besides, if you wonder how to sell CBD online, you will have to build a functional, user-friendly, and aesthetic website.

Ensure you have a comprehensive list and appropriate names for each category and sub-category. Thanks to this, users will be able to navigate the website easily. A crucial element is an efficient product search engine. The ability to filter and sort search results will make it easier for customers to find the item they are looking for. It’s also a good idea to add a section with suggested products (e.g., based on customer’s search history or purchase history). As the clients have limited opportunities to get to know the products in the online store, photos and detailed product descriptions are also critical for them. Remember that customers prefer different payment and shipping methods. Make sure to adjust the store to their needs.

Also, keep in mind that taking care of the planet and environment is trendy nowadays. More and more brands and consumers are interested in sustainable business. Does this trend match with your vision of doing business? The business people, taking care of their customers and considering their needs when thinking of how to sell CBD succeed more often than those interested only in profit.

Who Can Sell CBD? Which Companies to Start Cooperation With?

The current law allows hemp cultivation to obtain CBD oil from it (however, it is necessary to get a special cultivation permit). So you can sell your own products, but you have to remember that manufacturers of hemp products have some obligations. People wondering how to start selling CBD for a quick profit often consider establishing cooperation with the appropriate wholesaler or directly with the manufacturer. Why not take advantage of such an option?

If you already know where you can sell CBD, you have to find the right supplier. To provide your customers with high-quality CBD products, get to know what various suppliers offer and check whether their products have the appropriate certificates and whether they are safe.

Now, when you know how to sell CBD, we recommend you to check, a place where you will find cannabidiol-based products of exceptional quality. All their goods possess certifications and are 100% safe and legal. The brand has attractive wholesale offers, so you can partner with them and start your thriving and profitable business quickly.

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