Why Is CBD so Expensive? The Factors Influencing CBD Price

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Why Is CBD So Expensive?

CBD is a growing-popular natural health supplement extracted from the hemp plant. The market for CBD is rather young as it was legalized only a couple of years ago, yet the economic forecasts say it will continue growing for another 10 years with an annual increase in revenue of more than 20%.

The prices for CBD products range significantly depending on the manufacturer and may reach up to $100 – $200 per 10mL bottle of CBD oil. But why is CBD so expensive? Is this price justified? Does the money we pay reflect the quality of the product we receive? What influences the cost of CBD? Read on to find out the answers.

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive? What Influences the Formation of Price for CBD?

The sky-high prices for CBD oil don’t stop people from buying it; it’s all due to the beneficial properties this supplement is thought to possess. Researchers say that hemp oil can help combat cancer, help you relax, cope with depression, soothe inflammation from autoimmune disorders, and do many more for your wellbeing. Provided it’s all true, it’s no surprise why is CBD oil so expensive. However, such claims are based on preliminary research, which is usually conducted on animals and a limited number of human volunteers.

Is the game worth the candles? Why is CBD oil so expensive if there is no guarantee it will help you improve your symptoms?

Suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, or other diseases that interfere with the quality of life, people look for any kind of treatment that can help them, and often it doesn’t matter how expensive they are. Such a situation is common among those seeking a natural and safe solution to their physical or mental disorder. For these people, CBD oil expensive price is not a reason to refuse treatment.

To shed light on why CBD oil is so expensive, we’d like to talk about the factors that influence the price of the oil.

  • The supply of the hemp raw. The cultivation of industrial hemp, which is used in the manufacture of CBD, is rather new to the US farming industry as until 2018, any products containing hemp extracts were considered illegal. The farmers only start working out the guidelines for growing this plant, which is the reason why the supply of the raw for CBD production is limited. In Europe, the situation with the supply is a bit better, yet there is a problem with the quality of the raw.
  • The quality of the hemp. Products made of certified organic raw are much more expensive due to the peculiarities of growing such plants. Yet paying for the organic leaf on the package, you also pay for your safety as non-organic hemp may contain harmful substances found in the soil.
  • The cost of labor. The production of CBD demands knowledgeable staff that can operate the equipment used for CBD extraction, which is another expense for the manufacturing company.
  • The method of CBD extraction used. Currently, the manufacturers extract CBD using many different methods. If you are seeking quality CBD oil, you should look for the one derived with the help of the CO2 extraction method. It is considered the best as it allows extracting high concentrations of CBD as well as maximum cannabinoids from the raw without harming the environment.
  • The potency of CBD oil you buy is another thing that can explain why is CBD oil expensive. The more potent it is, the more it will cost you. The good news is that by buying high-potency CBD oil, you can change the dose by taking different amounts of oil: e.g. a full dropper for pronounced effects, half dropper for moderate action, and several drops for mild effects. This way, you can save a bit of your money while getting the best quality product.
  • Testing of CBD oil by third-party laboratories is another factor that predetermines why is CBD oil so expensive. The manufacturing companies of top CBD pay much attention to ensuring that their products meet the high standards of quality. This is the primary reason why they pay for their products to be tested by third-party laboratories. The results of such tests aim to prove the absence of harmful substances and show the customers that the company cares for their safety.
  • The reputation of the brand is another thing that adds to the price of CBD oil. When buying premium brand CBD oil, you pay not only for the product but also for the infinite confidence in its efficacy, quality, and safety that comes with the brand name.

These are only some basic things explaining why is CBD so expensive.

Why Is CBD Oil Expensive? Is the Price for CBD the Reflection of Its Quality?

As you now know why is CBD so expensive, it’s time to find out whether the money you pay is justified for what you get. Overall, it would be fair to say that it depends. Not all brands of CBD are really worth the price they are sold for. Such companies just use the hype around CBD to knock down more money from the customers.

However, there are many brands on the CBD market, which prices for CBD oil are totally justified, and the question of why is CBD so expensive can be explained easily. So how to know who is who? How to know that the price for the oil you order is fair? Catch some tips!

  • Buy from trustworthy websites offering CBD oil from the best manufacturing brands.
  • Surf for some user reviews to find out what brands are worth your attention and money.
  • Check the certificates proving that you buy a product made from organic hemp. This way you’ll protect yourself from the risks of poisoning with heavy metals or pesticides, which are almost always present in poor quality CBD oil.
  • Ask for the certificate of analysis of the product if its description states it has been tested by a third-party lab. If the brand can’t provide such a document, then the information on the website is probably fake.
  • Buy CBD from well-established brands that take care of their reputation and never compromise on the quality of their products.

Have you received the answers to the question of why is CBD oil expensive? We hope you have. Despite the high price of CBD oil, it is still worth buying. Good luck with your purchase!

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