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You’ve heard about CBD and THC, but have you come across CBDA? While doing your homework on hemp, you’ve seen the mention that the plant boasts of over 100 compounds. However, the most talked-about are CBD and THC owing to their readily established contributions.

CBD has hit the world by storm as a therapeutic and medicinal food supplement. CBD delivers many benefits but can never replace traditional medicine. THC, especially for recreational use, is also a go-to for many people, the compound associated with high feeling.

CBDA has, in the recent period, also hit the waves. Simply put, CBDA is CBD in an acidic form. The compound naturally occurs in live hemp plants. CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), much like THCA, hasn’t been in the limelight as it is not in an active state. Research has, in the past, focused on hemp’s active compounds.

Nonetheless, as more information comes to light, acid state compounds have also been experimented on, proving to be as vital as their active counterparts. It has been established that, much like CBD, CBDA interacts with the endocannabinoid system, delivering many health benefits.

CBD vs CBDA Administration

CBDA vs CBD – the acid or active compound; what is better for your situation? While considering CBD vs CBDA benefits, among the highlights are the consumption methods. You can smoke/vape, take pills/capsules, apply oils topically, use tinctures, or take edibles. Each administration has its ups and downs, stressing the need to evaluate your situation to facilitate effective results.

The administration methods affect onset and bioavailability. For instance, if you are looking for immediate relief with high bioavailability, the smoking/vaping inhalation method is the go-to. In as little as five minutes, you’ll feel the onset which lasts up to three hours. This method is best suited if you are dealing with issues like chronic pain. However, CBDA consumption through vaping/smoking affects its potency.

While CBDA promises better results than CBD, its potency can be affected by the consumption method. CBDA is arguably the mother of all cannabinoids, especially noting its precursor chemical to the CBD compound.

As such, if subjected to certain conditions such as heat, it changes from CBDA to CBD. This means that you have to pick an administration method that doesn’t affect its natural acidic state. Among the administration methods you can use include:

  • Sublingual

Tincture or sprays, placed under the tongue, is an effective method for CBD intake and CBDA compounds. Bioavailability is desirable as it goes directly to the blood. The onset kicks in within as little as ten minutes. The effects last longer than smoking/vaping, averaging eight hours.

  • Topical administration

CBD vs CBDA oils can be applied topically, especially while targeting certain spots. The administration method is effective while dealing with skin conditions, arthritis, and muscle pains. Bioavailability is moderate, but you’ll enjoy the effects for an extended period averaging 6 hours. The onset is also longer, taking up to an hour.

  • Ingestible

Gummies are a popular option. They are discreet and portable. However, bioavailability is low, noting that the compound has to go through the digestive system. Effects onset also take time as it has to be absorbed through digestion. Apart from gummies, you can add CBDA/CBD in your smoothies, coffee among other meals. However, keep in mind that if heated, CBDA will change to CBD.

  • Pills/capsules

The method is much like ingestible, as the pills/capsules will have to go through the digestive system. However, the administration approach is effective, especially for systematic treatments. For instance, if you consider hemp for seizures, using the pills/capsules helps you take recommended amounts. This means that over/under-dosing is less likely.

What is the Difference Between CBD and CBDA (CBD vs CBDA)?

We’ve highlighted that CBDA is a precursor to CBD. Now, let’s kick back a little; all cannabis/hemp cannabinoids develop as CBGA (cannabigerolic acid). CBGA is converted into three primary cannabinoid precursor compounds following plant strains. The compounds are:

  • CBCA (Cannabichromenic acid)
  • THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)
  • CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid)

What is the difference between CBD and CBDA and what does it mean for users? This means that in growing hemp plants, CBD is in small quantities. CBDA is a compound, but through processing, including heating, dying, and cutting, it is converted into CBD as its molecules lose the acidic carboxyl group.

As such, the main difference between CBDA and CBD is the state. When instant processing changes CBDA, if the plant material is left to sit at room temperature, the degradation process also converts the compound to CBD.

CBDA vs CBD Benefits

Among the top highlights propelling CBDA use is its anti-inflammatory contributions. It acts by inhibiting COX-2, much like everyday painkillers. However, this is without exposing consumers to possible side effects such as drug dependence, damage to organs like the liver, and overdosing that could be fatal. CBD vs CBDA benefits also extend to managing anxiety, with other valuable properties for your health and wellbeing.

The many CBDA vs CBD benefits continue to attract more consumers globally, but the inclusion of CBDA and CBD isn’t without challenges. While there are lesser side effects, before including the compounds in your health regimen, talking to your doctor is advisable. This is if you are managing chronic conditions or on a prescription. CBDA/CBD can affect the way your medicine works.

This stresses the need to establish if you can safely take the CBD vs CBDA, the best dosage, and the appropriate administration method. With such guidance, you can select an ideal product and safely include it in your routine, ensuring that you realize the many health benefits of the hemp compounds.

CBD and CBDA products can supercharge your health regimen. The bottom line is to understand various hemp compounds and investing in quality products such as AIFORY. With the correct information, you won’t fall into common pitfalls that could frustrate your efforts to up your health.

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